Your little boy is about to turn a year older soon and you want to make sure that he gets the best birthday party ever. You toss around so many ideas with your husband, and finally agree on a Spider-man theme because he is your son’s favorite super hero, for now at least.

To prepare for your son’s birthday party, you have to find shops that sell spiderman party supplies. Lucky for you there are many places that sells them.

Before buying any party supplies make sure that you are 100% sure that this is the party theme you want to go with. You wouldn’t want to buy a ton of stuff only to change your mind later on. Consult with the birthday boy if possible. Once you are sure about the theme, go nuts and buy the party supplies.

The colors of Spiderman party supplies are predominantly blue and red. Incorporate these colors to your party by adding blue and red balloons and table cloths. Some party suppliers even have balloons that already have Spiderman webs drawn on the balloons.

Another great party idea for your party is to serve food designed with the face of Spiderman, Spiderman’s web and a black spider. You can even add edible pictures of the villains like Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus and other exciting characters in Spiderman.

Guests could take home a piece of the Spiderman when you include Spiderman themed items in your loot bag. Add a few pens and notepads with Spiderman’s photo in front. If you are feeling extravagant, add a Spiderman action figure in each loot bag.